Branded merchandise and promotional items

As small business owners, we pour our hearts and souls into our businesses - we want them to reflect the passion we feel for our craft or service and the care we take to give our customers the best possible experience.

Branding, packaging and promotional items are some of the most effective ways to create a sense of loyalty and turn our customers into our ambassadors. 

Personally, I love being able to add personalised thank you stickers to my customers' orders, or pop their items into a branded bag, but found it really challenging to find affordable options, in relatively small quantities - so I decided to make my own and can do the same for you! 

I'm thrilled to be able to be able to offer to do the same for you! 

AW Designs is now offering custom, branded items such as:

  • Reusable bags
  • Stickers (both die cut and on sheets)
  • Decals (for windows, vehicles etc, product signage)
  • Promotional items (eg mugs, tumblers, mouse pads, stubby holders and more!)
  • Special requests are welcome!

There is no minimum order and you can BYO design or work with me to create a new design. 

I'm also happy to discuss 'order on consignment' options - for example, small batches of customised re-usable bags, where you only pay for those that you sell.