The aw designs team

Monty - Head of Security 

Poised carefully in the front window of AW Designs HQ, Monty keeps a close eye on all the nearby comings and goings. When you come by to pick up an order, you will find him lounging in his window hammock.

Mork - Head of Walkies and Sleepies

 50% nap time, 50% zoomies.

Aleks - Head of Everything Else

The division of responsibility in our small team may seem unbalanced, but it's all about capitalising on our strengths (and my opposable thumbs).

In Memory of Penny 

Penny was our OG Brand Ambassador and Head of Security. She was shamelessly exploited in our Facebook and Instagram feeds for clicks and in between photo shoots, she carried out thorough quality control inspections of everything & everyone.

We lost Penny to cancer in July 2023 - she is missed every day.